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Why ACT Fulfillment?

ACT Fulfillment, Inc. has been providing supply chain solutions in warehousing and fulfillment services since 1994. Many respected companies trust our experience and service to ensure their products are handled efficiently into the retail supply chain. We at ACT Fulfillment are committed to partnering with companies throughout the country to receive, inspect, and ship their merchandise as if it were our own. Each step we take with your merchandise is recorded in our WMS (Warehouse Management System). We understand that our customers depend on us to be their eyes and ears, to ship their freight on the "start ship" date whenever possible, to be certain that we are following routing instructions to avoid chargebacks, and we at ACT Fulfillment take that responsibility very personally. Our goal at ACT Fulfillment is to build relationships with our customers that go above and beyond other 3rd party distribution and fulfillment warehouses. We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you might have and look forward to working closely with you for years to come.


ACT Fulfillment, Inc. began as a division of All Cartage Transportation in 1995 primarily pre-packing merchandise for clothing and shoe vendors shipping into Costco Wholesale. We began our operation in 5,000 square feet of fenced off warehouse space and a small office. As we developed our relationships with these manufacturers and parallel importers our business and space requirements grew exponentially, so in the first 3-4 years of providing fulfillment services we found ourselves in 2 or 3 buildings at any given time. In early 1999, we decided that we needed a single building to grow our business; so we made what we considered at the time a huge move and signed a 3 year lease on 60,000 square feet of warehouse space in the Ontario, CA area. Although it seemed very large at the time our business continued to grow with current and new customers. A big win for us in 2000 was to become the West Coast Distribution Center for Burlington Coat Factory. Once again we found ourselves in a second building to manage the space needs of our customers. Two short years later our lease was up, so my partner and I purchased a new 104,000 square foot building directly across from the Ontario, CA International Airport. In 7 years we had managed growth of 20% to 25% each year and moved in and out of 6 different facilities. My thoughts at this time were that this would be the last move I would ever make. Little did I know.

Burlington Coat Factory grew as did our other customers and within 18 months we were once again looking to expand the space we managed. After securing short term leases on a variety of different buildings we were able to secure 288,000 square feet in the building right next door. Our intention was to have Burlington Coat Factory occupy the majority of the space and use the balance for merchandise that didn’t move as quickly as the rest of our business. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life. Not long after we signed the lease on the building next door, we received the call from Burlington informing us that they had decided to open their own facility on the West Coast. We knew this could happen someday but really were not expecting it right at that moment.

That said, you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and plan your next move. Luckily for us Burlington needed time to find their new facility which gave us time to bring in more business. We leased out the building we owned and consolidated our business into the 288,000 square feet. Even though Burlington Coat Factory had represented 70% of our gross revenue in 2005 and 41% in 2006 we were able to grow the company revenues in 2007 by 12.5%.

In 2009 we moved into a 600,000 square foot building in Mira Loma, CA.

In 2013 we exceeded 1 million square feet by adding a second building in Fontana, CA. A third building will be added by summer 2016.

ACT Fulfillment, Inc. continues to grow and prosper because of the customers we have and the employees we have been fortunate to attract. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you as well.


Receiving Your Product

• Coordinate with inbound carrier to expedite your shipment into our facility

• Unload, complete minimal QC, and segregate product into like pre-packs (SKUS) and palletize accordingly

• Scan all pallets into location for inventory control

• Notify you (the customer) of all product received

Handling Your Product


• Add or remove hanger

• Add or remove bag

• Add or remove hang tag

• Pre-packing or assorting as directed

• Pick and pack


• Add or remove hang tag

• Pre-packing or assorting as directed

• Pick and pack

• Minor cleaning

• Adding tissue

Shipping Your Product

• Receive your orders via EDI or other type of transmission

• Provide complete routing services with all department stores, mom and pop Retailers shipping truck load, LTL, or parcel (UPS/FedEx)

• Print UCC128 shipping labels and proper Vics BOL

• Proper placement for shipping labels on all cartons based on the routing guide instructions

• Floor load or pallet based on customer specification

• Send EDI or other transmission based on customer specification

Other services

• Building displays as directed

• Assembly as directed

Contact Us

Corporate Office

ACT Fulfillment, Inc.
3155 Universe Drive
Mira Loma, CA 91752

Phone: (909) 930-9083
Fax: (951) 361-9038

Management Team

Randy Cox

Randy, the company’s Founder and CEO, served in our nation’s military until 1970 when he left the service and began his supply chain journey by joining Shulman Air Freight Inc. Humble beginnings as a Night Rate Clerk and going to college during the day instilled fundamentals that still guide him today. Randy tells the team often “delivering on promises made a difference then and it still makes a difference today”. When Shulman filed for bankruptcy in 1978, Randy and a partner opened All Cartage Transportation. Buying trucks from the failed company the two partners were able to put together a fleet of 6 trucks which was the beginning of All Cartage Transportation Inc. After years of keeping his promises and building a local and airfreight Transportation Company; the opportunity arose to enter a different side of the supply chain. “I had a customer that requested some fulfillment, warehousing and distribution support and I knew we could create a solution to meet his needs.” That is when ACT Fulfillment was established. Over 25 years later Randy makes certain WE DELIVER WHAT OTHERS PROMISE

Robert (Bob) Gjerde

Bob joined ACT Fulfillment in early 2020 as a driven and analytical supply chain professional with 20+ years of experience. His previous assignments of building and leading resilient organizations for international and domestic companies positioned him well for the role of president at ACT Fulfillment. As the organizational strategist he has kept the company’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Even during the recent challenging business conditions Bob and the team are committed to continuous improvement initiatives that build quality while reducing waste and costs. Building on the long-standing company focus of client relations, strategic solutioning, and team development ensures Bob and the team will enjoy current and future success.

Mike Valencia

Mike is the company’s first employee after Randy, the pairing is legendary. Mike has been with Randy and the organization for every success, trial or tribulation ensuring the customer’s needs are met and the team is successful. It was Mike that really made things happen; driving safety, process and procedure into the culture. Thanks to Mike the cultural foundation of ACT Fulfillment is solidly built on quality that delivers results. He and the team have the knowledge and tools to take on all the complexity that come with today’s business demands. Mike keeps the organization moving forward and focused on continuously improving operations.

Kim Inglish

Kim joined the ACT Fulfillment team in early 2019 as the Corporate Controller. Leading the Finance and HR team, Kim’s focus is on the financial security as well as the strategic and organic financial growth and development of the organization. Kim has over 15 years in corporate financial management in both the public and private sectors and is driven to provide timely and reliable business intelligence that drives the ACT Fulfillment strategic initiatives. In addition to audit, treasury and financial reporting responsibilities, Kim and her HR team manage the ESOP functions and all employee related matters that ensure our workforce maintains the talent that our customers rely on to deliver what others promise.

Maria Avina

With over 20 years’ experience at ACT Fulfillment Maria plays a significant role in the leadership team. Facing customer, vendors, and employees alike she is the face of the organization to many. The most important element of any great support/service provider is relationship built on dependable communication. At ACT Fulfillment it is our strong suit and Maria helped build it then and is building it even more so today. Her and her team handling the complexities of our customers’ needs as well as the needs of our organization seamlessly. With her leadership and vision, we get the job done.